Monastero di Cortona Hotel & Spa is located up in the hills within Cortona’s Etruscan walls, in via del Salvatore.
The old monastery has been lovingly restored into a beautiful and stunning property that actually competes with the breathtaking views of the Italian countryside.

Arrival by car:

Once arrived in Cortona, on SP 34 do not turn right but keep left and continue to drive all the way to Porta Colonia/Piazza Mazzini

We strongly suggest to follow the directions to “Piazza Giuseppe Mazzini”, public parking space is right outside the old city wall (do not reach Piazza Garibaldi).

If you use gps navigators like Google Maps, your device will bring you to the narrow streets that are not easy to drive and are viable for small cars only or in the opposite part of the town.

Once you’re in the square  “Piazza Mazzini”→ ,

You have 2 options how to get to the Monastero di Cortona with its beautiful hilltop views and it means entering inside the walled medieval town:


Enter Porta Colonia
the Etruscan city gate across from the parking lot— to Via Dardano.

Take the first left to Via delle Fontanelle .

Just before the top of the hill, take the first sharp right turn to
Via del Salvatore.

The  “Arrivals Area” will permit you to unload your baggage, inside the garage, second entrance on the left. Ring the bell to get in. Monastero di Cortona is the next building down the hill on the left. Parking in Monastero di Cortona’s garage must be reserved in advance for a small parking fee. Valet parking is not available.

Once arrived to Cortona some guests use to park in the public lot recommended by the hotel and walk up without luggage to get a lay of the land. Once they understand how to go up, they drive the car up the hill without major issues. If you can, arrive during daylight the first time in.
Although the hotel has 24 hours service, the first time
driving up in darkness would be more stressful

IMPORTANT: Etruscan roads were not built for modern cars. If you’re driving a medium or large sized car (SOME EXAMPLES OF CARS RECOMMENDED FOR YOUR ARRIVAL AND ACCESS TO THE HOTEL GARAGE), it will NOT be able to navigate the narrow turns to drive into the ancient city of Cortona, choose option number two, leave the car just outside the town walls and walk up:


If your car is large or you don’t feel like driving narrow roads and tight corners, your best choice is to park in Cortona’s public parking located in Piazza Mazzini.

It’s about five minutes of walk up to Monastero di Cortona, the hotel is in the upper part of Cortona (which can be walked end-to-end in ten minutes).
Charges are applicable at the public parking lots from 8 am to 8 pm. From 8 pm to 8 am it’s free.
Purchase your ticket at the blue ticket box and display it on the car’s dashboard.

You may also arrange the luggage pick up service, with extra charge, from Piazza Mazzini up to the hotel. The reservation of this service in advance with our concierge is necessary.


Enter the town through Porta Colonia, the Etruscan city gate across  the parking lot. Take the second left to Via Tarconte, a cobblestone street that runs between historic buildings. The road turns to the left and becomes Via del Salvatore. Monastero di Cortona is halfway up to the hill on the right.

For dinner each night, you will have an easy walk down to the restaurants. The walk back up to the hotel requires a couple of brief stops to catch your breath, but be assured that the logistics paled in comparison to the beauty of the hotel, going to sleep after seeing the most beautiful sunsets or waking up to singing birds.

The Monastero di Cortona…is where to begin your memorable stay in one of the Tuscan most magical places!

For a ‘perfect’ check-in:

Monastero di Cortona Hotel & Spa is situated in Via del Salvatore and the hotel reception, where check-in takes place, is located where Via Tarconte and Via Sant’Antonio meet.

Coming from Via delle Fontanelle, the hotel property is on the left side of the street, taking the second entrance, you will find the garage with the “Arrivals Area”.
This is a space set up to help with luggage unloading.

One of our porters will take care of your luggage and you can then park your car in one of the two garages (with a supplement and subject to availability) or in an external car park.

The “Arrivals Area” is limited to the unloading of luggage only; vehicles are not permitted to be left there for a longer time.