Arrival by car:

Monastero di Cortona Hotel & Spa is located within Cortona’s Etruscan walls, therefore road access consists of the narrow streets typical of a historic centre and best suited to small cars.

The easiest way to reach the hotel is to come from Porta Colonia, in Piazzale Mazzini, and then take the first street on the left, Via delle Fontanelle, after about 170 meters turn right in Via del Salvatore.
We suggest to do not follow the instructions provided by some GPS navigator device since may happens that they do not consider some traffic restrictions during the itinerary in the city center.

If your car is medium or large-sized, we suggest you park outside the town walls, for example in the car park at Piazzale Mazzini, from where you can walk the short distance to the hotel.

For small cars, the hotel offers the use of its own garage (with a supplement and prior booking, subject to availability, valet parking service not available)


For a ‘perfect’ check-in:

Monastero di Cortona Hotel & Spa is situated on Via del Salvatore and the hotel reception, where check-in takes place, is located where Via Tarconte and Via Sant’Antonio meet.

If you are arriving at the hotel on foot, please walk along Via del Salvatore, Via Sant’Antonio or Via Tarconte. As soon as you reach the hotel entrance you will be greeted by “the suggestion of a unique place”, and our Welcome Team will take care of you.

If instead you are arriving by car, we strongly advise you to take into account the size of your car.
We suggest arriving only in a small car.

Coming from Porta Colonia (one of the town gates), take the second street on the left which is Via delle Fontanelle. Then turn right onto Via del Salvatore. The hotel property begins with the first garage you will see on the left side of the street, where you will find the entrance to the “Area Arrivi” (“Arrivals Area”). This is a space set up to help with luggage unloading.
One of our porters will take care of your luggage and you can then park your car in one of the two garages (with a supplement and subject to availability if not previously booked) or in an external car park.

The “Area Arrivi” (“Arrivals Area”) parking area is limited to the unloading of luggage only; vehicles are
not permitted to be left there for a longer time.
The entrance to the hotel is found to the left as you exit the garage, around 20 metres away, where Via del Salvatore, Via Tarconte and Via Sant’Antonio meet.

You will receive a warm welcome from our reception staff…
the best way to begin your stay at Monastero di Cortona Hotel & Spa.